Friday, June 24, 2011

Allahabad me aapka swagat hai.!

I was taking my usual casual walk at the Corniche; "Allahabad se tha shayad" as soon somebody said this, I felt as somebody stabbed me in my heart. .It was like if somebody had deliberately agitated the countless memories resting deep inside the heart from a long long time.!

Allahabad, We call it the city of "sangam” in every sense of the word; located right in the heart of India and in the hearts of all Moti's lallas (MNNITians) :)
 You’ll find industries, roads, colleges, malls, showrooms and almost everything a modern city in India 's got to have. But quite unlikely, this big city has big heart as well. Being mostly occupied with middle class and upper middle class people, the majority of people around here still carry a small town mentality- they are willing to help out any stranger without knowing if he might turn out to be a bad person. The shopkeeper trusts you if you say him you don’t have the change and you'll return it to him next day. A Father can be seen riding scooter; dropping and picking his children for tuitions and where mother still feels nervous to take up the escalators.

Unlike many other big cities, the city believes in sleeping early and rising early. Thousands of vehicles can be seen running on the wide roads till night yet the life here moves with a slow desirable pace,and which makes me fall in love with this city. You're certainly be amused by the "bhaiyas" out here; be it the rickshaw wale bhaiya. . gol gappe waale bahiya , poori waale bhaiya or chhuri waale bhaiya  ;) The city presents a genuinely true picture of complete U.P.

One of Hindu's most virtuous place has been flirting with history since the creation of the world by Brahma. Every inch of a land has a different story to tell - From the times of Ram-Raaj to the battle of Mahabharata, From the edicts of King Asoka to the Kingdom of Akbar the Great, From the 1st battle for Independence in 1857 to 15th of Aug,1947. Allahabad has witnessed them all.!!

The land of Poets and writers provides no less opportunities to those who keep interest in photography as well. If you wish to see the extent of beauty you should once visit the riverside of Ganges in twilight. It gives you a view of a picture perfect landscape.!  

The street sweepers making the sweeping sound early morning, streets all  buzzing  in the late afternoon , passing gentle  breeze at evening ,azaan at some corner during the  nightfall, ringing bells in the temples at the street side ,chirping birds ,All such sound effects give an impression of the nature’s been so close , whispering to our ears ; to let us feel its presence. . .

To the Folks who've never been to Allahabad, The city worth a visit. One thing for all the first timers, particularly those who don't belong to the Gangatic plain region; You shall be tricked by the auto- rickshaw-wale or the street hawkers or even those who sell sitting near the Temples or Tourist places but you've got to be smarter for negotiating the prices.  So better when you plan, do go along with your "female versions". . ;)


  1. बेटा जी
    आबुधाबी का तेल
    या अंदमान
    की सेल्लुलर जेल
    दोनों बराबर |
    तुम्हे ग्यारह की
    उन्हें उम्र-भर ||
    फिर भी अगर
    हो रहा है इतना मन --
    आ जा दनादन--
    पर मिलेंगी केवल इमारतें और गलियां खाली |
    सभी तो निकल लिए
    मनाने अपनी-अपनी दिवाली ||
    दिल को मना-- माने तो ठीक
    नहीं तो नहीं है मना |
    चल एक प्रोग्राम बना ||

  2. poori waale bhaiya or chhuri waale bhaiya,

    बहुत अच्छा लिख रहे हो | संगम नगरी में अजान याद रही |

    चतुर्मुखी --चतुरता ||

    आबुधाबी के बारे में भी सचित्र लिखो ||

    है जागृत आतुरता |

  3. यू तो जवाहरलाल के स्टाईल में लिख दी है, नहीं भाई सीधी अंग्रेजी लिखो दोस्त, य़ू मुडी तुडी से बात कोनी बने पढने में दिक्कत आवे सै

    य़ू वर्ड का चक्कर भी बुरा, भाई माडरेशन ज्यादा ठीक है।

  4. javab bhejna sikh lo followers ko |

    word verification hatao.

  5. इलाहाबाद को आपकी नज़रों से देखना बहुत अच्छा लगा ...

  6. word varification hata do aapke follower ne tippani mere blog par ki hai ||

  7. दुबई में बारिस |
    खिलखिलाकर वो हंसीना हंस पड़ी जब जोर से
    बिजलियों ने तड़प करके बादलों को खूब धोया |

    बादलों के आंसुओं से इस कदर सैलाब आया,
    सब्रका झट बांध टूटा कि क़यामत आ गई ||

    शुष्क रेगिस्तान जलता, जलजले से यूँ पटा ,
    मस्त-काया सा भिगोया वो रुपहला बुर्ज दुबई |

    मोती मिला मानुष हिला कि चून गीला हो गया,
    जो सून बिन-पानी रहे, पानी हुए पानी हुए |

    वे कंटीले झाड़ सारे, खिलखिलाकर हँस पड़े,
    खिल सकेंगे रेत में भी, इश्क के अरुणिम-गुलाब |

    आस्मां हरदम जहाँ होता रहा था आसमानी
    पहली दफा वो जिंदगी में इन्द्र-धनुषी हो गया |

    तेल के सूखे कुएं में आज पानी जा घुसा
    मंडूक ने टर-टर सुनाई मीन प्यासी मर गई ||