Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dilwala ; Dilliwali

It was a hazy morning. The sky seemed to have unfolded the blanket of fog down to Earth. The clouds already invaded the sky and were at positions. To make the situation worse, The temperature also nosedived that morning. Later though, Few drizzles made the surrounding picturesque. I opted for a walk.

A gal seemed approaching me and soon the fog began to move apart.
God! Am I in heaven! ??
These Delhi gals love winter. . ain't they.? . .as they get more varieties to choose from their wardrobe!. She was wearing a pink skirt over a pair of leggings and a white air tight jacket; tighter near her waist, with chain pulled right up to her chin. A pink butterfly hair clip, a pair of silver earrings and a faded purple band over a pleasing pony tail were significantly adding to her femininity and of course, a carry bag hanging sidelong!
She gently asked- " Excuse me! Kindly tell me this address pls. " . The words breezed out, kissing her lips taking along the flavor of the lip gloss. I soon had to get my senses back. I replied- " OH! I know this. . you go straight, cross the road, take left. . o! wait. . come back. . I mean, take right. . ask anybody there, Its around there only (sic)" .
~ She thanked and went. ~

Huff! The dreadful journey of my heart came to an end eventually. I was left dumbfounded. I turned back but she was lost into the fog by then. But by that time  she already had poked the writer long dead in me. . the yen for the pen was right there all over again & I was all set to give words to my feelings one more time. . .
I wanted this to let her know the aftereffect she had over me. I might sound a fool to few. But at that moment, I din't think twice and nor did i think of the consequences. I rushed towards her. . crossed the road haphazardly. . She was to take right. I got to her, she turned to me; mildly surprised.

WoW! those big bright eyes were givin' an impression of  black eyeliners being very delicately employed. She asked- " Hey! kya hua? "
Damn it! where has all that courage gone?
I took a breather. It was a Never-Ventured-Before situation for me. I said - "nah! nthing. . Actually I've something to tell you".
I felt a lump in my throat. Li'l pause and I just blurted out - "you. . I mean you are gorgeous! so beautiful. . yes! you must be knowing this. . but it was. . I just felt like telling you. . hah! dats all! thank you. . (sic)."    That was so relaxing ; "Relieved"!
" Oh! my god" she blushed and took off her eyes off me.  "thank you" - she lyrically replied. After taking a few steps right, she turned and in a very thoughtful manner, she spoke- "Waise I hope , If a skip going left and coming back, I'll still manage to reach this address. . (sic) "
She giggled and I blushed.
                                    ~ Good-Bye ~


  1. marvellous...u r gud poet as well..waise baat aage kuch badhi kya,,ya sirf address pooch k chali gai..

  2. a girl wearing pink in that fairy mist....nd pink ohhhh....ur favourate 1..

  3. u have got really good at writing... n have u started working in a beauty parlor??? :P

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