THOUGHTS:are seldom thought.!!

* I want you in all chapters of my life. . :)

* people say don't waste time thinking your past. . but someday when the present luks  dull   and flat. . It gives you the much needed pleasure ; tuning in to some close-to-the- heart songs and resting back your head losing yourself to the past. . . :)

* Pain and pleasure, When both come together ; make the moments worth treasure. . :)

* Why do the gals wear shorts. .? ; And if they do, why the hell they spend lot on their face. . :P

* A good reader is always a very good writer. . Surprisingly enough, I don't read at all. .

* how deep is this love! I've been falling till date. . :)

* Flirting is Unsocial . .
  P.S. only for those who can't ;)

* It was first in class 6th when I realized that Heart does a few more things than just pumping blood . . ;)

* Love is sth that u nvr get experienced in.! ; no matter hw many times u fell in love, everytime is like ur first time ; shaky nervy feary :)

*~ You breathe my poems.!

* Dear B'day candles,
                               Its been long resting.! Now get together and tie up your laces ; You've got a duty call  at 0000hrs tomorrow.!
b'day Wisher :)

* ~ Ab bura waqt na talne pe ada tha. . to fir hum hi talli ho liye. . warna nasha to unki aankhen bhi bada karti thi. . :) ~

* ~ tum muskura to diye. . jara dil to thaam lene do. .
      Dard to utha magar. . is dard ko hame sehne do. . ~

*~ un nazron ne dekha hamen palken utha k. .
     hum aaj talak chal rahe ladkhada k. . :) :) ~

*Khud se palken jhuk gayi. . Oonth kaanpne lage. .
jab aap hamare darmiyan faasle naapne lage. .
nazdeekiyan jab jab hamare nazdeektar hoti rahin. .
aapke isharon ko fir hum bhi jara bhaapne lage.!!

*ChhooT gayi aadat magar bayan bhi aise karen. .
Log fir kehne lage hum yakin kaise karen.!!