Monday, February 1, 2010

I Love You.

The train was gaining momentum under the moon light,

Was looking out the window in a strange cold night..

The rivers, the trees and the mountains passed by,

There I made my mind, to finally give a try. .

I said - O dear, I love u to the extent of my extent,

Stay in my heart I won’t charge you any rent. .

It is yours, in fact completely yours,

The ceiling, the floor, windows and doors..

She pretended as if she couldn't listen…

I love you dear, I said her again...

She listened to me silently throughout,

She didn't say for few more minutes..., raised some doubt..

She might be thinking on various aspects I guess,

Well that’s not my department ..

was just waiting for her only "Yes"...

Finally the time arrived,"I LOVE YOU TOO",said she.....

That was Breathtaking as was supposed to be…

So sweet was her voice, like an angel singing in paradise,

seemed as if I was living a dream...

With eyes wide open and lips extending to its extreme…

You made my dream cm true…

Thanking you... :)


  1. Very very real... forces yoy to almost imagine the scene ...Simple and sweet... :)

  2. hey gr8 yaar ...........pehle se bahut achhe ho gayye ho.....
    nice jo

  3. when i read this..truely shiva i dont believe that it is d same story u tell me before....amazing...suna tha dil ki bato ko panno pe nahi likha ja sakta......par tune mere dost apni is gatha ko is tarah likha......sry i dont use d word likha here...mere khayal se sajaya hai ki...ek pal ke liya toh lagta hai ki sahi main woh train mere samne khadi hai..........superb