Thursday, April 1, 2010


They shed tears for me,scolded me,hit me,kicked my ***, loved me, abused me ,poured water on me,cursed me,yelled at me, praised me,made me feel good, made me feel bad n did a lot more things to me..for me..we together gave an entirely new definition to the term "Friends"..we had disputes..we made conspiracies ..but at the same time..they always stood by my side when it came to exchange blows with others..they gave me the strength whenever i got down with confidence..and again at the same time..they were right on their toes to pull my legs also whenever i flew in confidence...

They laughed with me..they laughed at me..they cried with me...i got to know more about myself in their company..i wish there had been something like a return key..!!      :-(

      we together had lots of moments to treasure..we went childish at times..we went crazy too..we did everything that fetched us only life couldn't have been worth cherishing had they not been around..Thank you all for being my friend...thanks for caring and sharing.. luv u all..!!


  1. i really love this new definition of "friends" :)

  2. nicely written. The best part is : college life couldn't have been worth cherishing had they not been around..