Friday, July 23, 2010

LoVabLe LoSEr . .

NO creation in this world is a Lone effort...
Yesterday i had a sleepless night...Last night, like any ordinary night, I went to my bed at 11 O'clock,Tucked into my quilt and started chanting slokas.. Apart from the watchman whistling and some shopkeepers putting down their shutters.. An ambiance of silence started to diffuse around.. No sooner had i got lost into my dream world than somebody stayin' at the next door played the "Splits-villa theme song" ..  and in no time my ears got tuned to that Signal Frequency..;) It simply dragged me to the lanes of my past memories.. That night I faced the Truth of my life ...
You just can't escape from the memories of your 1st love...It is well said that the 1st cut is the deepest...but its the 1st dat you should always appreciate d fact that it was your maiden love relation even if it hurts.. I wont go as far to say - Oh! I was in love with her and she broke my heart..rather i hold on to that , the phase when i was in love with her.. and i wud share only dose beautiful days if ever 'm asked to...

~I wonder how easily people say that dey were our past... 
but somewer deep inside the heart dey still last..
We hate them . . Infact we want to..
but our Heart neva let us dat to do...
Instead it brings dose bundle of moments..
sweet and touching..which rather shed dat feeling..
Perhaps our heart love them today also...
and against the most lovable organ, We just cant go.. :(
over the river of memories our emotions sail..
yes! i can still feel your madness of a cocktail.. :) ~
When I woke up in the morning.. I rushed out to meet that person.. but i found the room locked.. again when I inquired about him .. I came to know that the guy had been out of the station for over a week..!
Standing at front of his door. .I sighed and smiled. . .


  1. can see the kid transforming into a man.. loved the last lines dude.. :) :) just love the feeling that u had and may be the feeling may make u fall in love once again.. :) adios..

  2. completely agree with u shiva and happy to see you realising this :)
    and i always believe that we had our best time with our luved ones, n in remembering in that way it never hurts :)
    i simply smile thinking abt those moments :)

  3. Heart rendering :) Have tears in my eyes while posting this comment...You have an amazing gift of penning down your feelings beautifully :)

  4. hats off....i alwz know that u hv some extra today i realize u r special simply u expressed ur thoughts into poems.....nice 1